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Wily Werewolf

October 22nd sees the release of the latest edition of Ubuntu – version 15.10 “Wily Werewolf”. It doesn’t promise anything especially exciting but it’s always good fun to struggle through the upgrade or download...


Windows Slideshow

Marking the 20th birthday of Windows 95 on the 31st of September, the BBC revisit their 2009 slideshow of Windows through the ages. We’ve been using all of them in virtual machines in...



Free and open-source, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, Code::Blocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming in C++ and others. Download from Installation tutorial available from


North Korean Intranet

“Not much is known about North Korea’s intranet — the Internet-like system that links up libraries, universities and other organizations throughout the country but goes no further than the country’s borders. Few foreigners get a...


Ethernet Man

What to do when you’ve finished your Ethernet cable connection assignment before everyone else? Create Ethernet Man of course. Cat5e breaks the 100m limit.


College Computer Audit 2015

The hard-work of our Computing Level 5 students interning here for their work-experience is coming to fruition and all our computers are getting properly labelled (the first person to pick at or scribble on...

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Eve Online: Edge of Apocalypse

Eve Online: how a virtual world went to the edge of apocalypse and back. The video game Eve Online is one of Iceland’s biggest exports and has become the world’s largest living work of...

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22 Things for Ubuntu 15.04

The latest edition of the free and open-source operating system Ubuntu, version 15.04 “Vivid Vervet”, is available from to download and install; or to try as a live-CD or virtual machine. have...


Digital Mallow

Explore Mallow online: we’re compiling a list of online resources about Mallow town and locality. About Read about Mallow on Wikipedia. Explore Census 2011 data for Mallow. Search Google. Apps Davis College Mallow. Hibernian...